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E-Safety Information

for Parents

Click on the links below to help your child stay safe when online.

OFCOM - Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes Report 2014

There has been a significant increase in access to, ownership of and use of tablet computers by children of all ages. In contrast, the incidence of TVs and games consoles in the bedroom is declining, while smartphone ownership remains steady.

Almost twice as many children aged 5-15 are going online via a tablet than in 2013. At the same time, the number of those only using a device other than a PC/ laptop/ netbook to go online has increased, and access to the internet at home via a PC/ laptop/ netbook has declined.

Children aged 8-11 are spending more hours per week using the internet than in 2013 (10.5 vs. 9.2 hours).

Vodaphone have produced  information on how to keep your children safe online. Please click on the link below for more information.

Link: Vodaphone Digital Parenting


Grand Theft Auto (18)

Many primary school children are playing games that are rated 12, 15 and 18. 

We have to remember that age ratings on games, whether you buy them in the shops or download from the internet, are not recommendations, they are law. That law (PEGI) is in place in the UK for good reason, and that’s because the content in some games is simply not appropriate for our children, particularly when it is violent and/or sexual in nature.

Parents need to know that Grand Theft Auto V is an M-rated action game brimming with gang violence, nudity, extremely coarse language, and drug and alcohol abuse. It isn't a game for kids.

None of the main characters in the game makes for a decent role model.

Link: GTO


YouTube is a great source of entertainment. However, it is essential to know how to keep your children safe when accessing YouTube.

Click on the link below which shows you how to keep your child safe online.

Link: YouTube Information for parents


Think you Know



As parents – or relatives, teachers and other adults responsible to children’s safety – we want our children and those we look after to be healthy and happy … and to develop well both physically and mentally. Above all, it’s also instinctive that we want kids to be safe.

Link: Get Safe Online

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Link: Bullying and Cyberbullying

Online safety

Helpful advice and tools you can use to help keep your child safe whenever and wherever they go online.

Link: NSPCC E-safety