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Reading and Phonics at Cam Hopton

At Cam Hopton we are passionate about teaching children to read. Reading helps to develop children's vocabulary, their writing and their spelling. Reading gives children access to the wider curriculum and enriches their lives. It is our aim that children leave this school as happy and confident readers.

Reading and phonics are taught primarily in line with the National curriculum 2014. This starts with sharing picture books at school and at home and moving onto books with words as appropriate. We use a variety of schemed books to do this; primarily Rigby Star but supplemented with Bug Club and Big Cat books. As children develop their reading skills, they progress onto 'Free Reader' texts which are drawn from new and classical texts; from fiction and non-fiction genres.

We acknowledge that a child's learning journey starts before they start school. In our Reception class, phonics is the main way of teaching and we follow the 'Letter and Sounds' scheme. This is supplemented with an interactive programme called Phonics Bug. Developing a word vocabulary bank is also important. As soon as possible we aim for children to recognise the majority of words that they encounter and have the phonic skills and knowledge to decode any unfamiliar words. 

Reading at Cam Hopton is also taught through English lessons and guided reading sessions. Children are taught how to use punctuation and other reading cues to make the best use of inflection and expression.

As a school we all encourage children to read both at home and in school. We have a library that is managed by members of our PTA and children are enthusiastic about borrowing books. We recognise that the influence parents have on supporting their child's reading development is crucial.