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Welcome to Cam Hopton Parent Teachers Association!

What we do.......

2018/2019 gave us a huge challenge of trying to raise £18K to redevelop the Early Years Outdoor Space.  We held our last fundraising event on 12th July with a school Disco.  Total funds raised was an incredible £11.5K, which has enabled us to complete Phase 1 of the works, which will be taking place over the summer holidays.  Our amazing Cam Hopton community has done an incredible job.  Well done one and all!

Donations to the school this academic year was neary £18K!!! which included:

  • £700- extra classroom resources (£100 per class)
  • £210- gifts from Santa (£30 per class)
  • £200 - art materials
  • £1793.82 - Lap top lease
  • £4499.00 - Outdoor Classroom
  • £10592.20 - Early Years Outdoor Space Phase 1

That is a staggering £17,995.02 – it really does make an enormous difference for our little people and their school experience.

But there is more to the PTA than just fundraising....  Equally importantly, we like to have fun!  We hold a number of events during the year, some at the school and some around and about Cam and Dursley, which provide an opportunity to meet other parents and for the children and adults to enjoy themselves.

Getting involved is one way you can take an active role in your child's education and development at Cam Hopton; and of course, it is up to you to decide when and how much! Whether you just want to come along and help out at some of the events, or put your name forward for the committee, the more "horsepower" we can put into PTA events, the more enjoyable and successful they will be  - and consequently, the more money we can raise to help fund resources and amenities for our children.

Take a look at our calendar, come along to some of the events, and if you're able to help in any way, please contact us.

At the end of the next academic year summer 2020, our current Chair Tracey Angell would like to hand over the reigns to someone new, if you have time and would like to take on this very rewarding role, please get in touch asap.

Don't forget to catch up with all our news on the Cam Hopton PTA Facebook page or via our newsletter and parentmail notices.

If you have any suggestions or feedback (good or bad) we really would like to hear from you!

Here's to another successful year ahead and thank you for your continued support

Your PTA team


The Giving Machine

We urge all parents to sign up for The Giving Machine. If you purchase your online shopping through this site, the retailers will donate some money to the school and you become entitled to special offers. This includes popular sites such as Amazon, E-bay, Tesco and M&S. If you're planning to do your shopping online this year, its a very easy way to benefit the school.