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Our Aim for 2018-2019

This academic year the school has asked us to fundraise to re-develop our Early Years outside space.

Why do we want to develop our outdoor area?

It's not just cosmetic! The landscape is dirty, any resources need to be put away daily as by morning they are covered in dirt, leaves and bird droppings!  The large tree, although provides shade in summer, is a real nuisance, coupled with the slope means we are unable to use a large proportion of the outdoor area during late October to February. When trying to create a good first impression for our school, despite our best efforts, the outdoor area always looks neglected and dirty.  The sloped ground makes it difficult to put meaningful activities out.  The space is large, and we could utilise it in a more purposeful way. It is imperative to have an effective outdoor space in the Early Years to enhance the children’s learning by:

  • Supporting the development of healthy and active lifestyles
  • Offering opportunities for physical activity, freedom and large movement – important for later activities, number and letter formation
  • Promoting a sense of confidence and well-being
  • Providing opportunities to develop relationships through negotiation, turn taking and co-operation
  • Providing safe and supervised opportunities for children to experience new challenges, take risks and develop strategies for handling obstacles and difficult situations
  • Gives children a chance to experience the natural world, offers them unique experiences not found on tablets and computers!
  • Supporting children’s creativity, problem solving skills, building confidence and fostering a love of learning through play, the ethos we want to inspire at our school


What we want to achieve?

  • New artificial grass area, this will stop mud and dirt transferring into the classroom
  • Trim Trail, promoting risk taking, collaborative thinking, problem solving, physical activity and well-being.
  • Decking area, a large flat space that can be sectioned off to allow the children access to different areas of the EYFS curriculum eg: Music Station, Stage, Construction site, Texture Kitchen.  This area will need a sun shade and tree pruning
  • Bike & trike track painted onto the floor, this will give the children an area to develop their physical co-ordination skills  and think about road safety

Our task is immense as this work will cost in the region of £22K!!!

We cannot do this without you and we really appreciate all your support.