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Successful Learners

With the implementation of Curriculum 2014 and the aim of developing positive learners who are engaged and enthusiastic, we have decided to embrace Chris Quigley’s approach to successful learners.  Chris Quigley has vast experience in primary education. He has been a Primary School Head Teacher, an Ofsted inspector and a trainer of inspectors. He is described by Ofsted as an ‘outstanding leader with exceptional vision’.  He is also a successful author in The UK and internationally.

Chris Quigley created eight ‘secrets of success’ which are aimed  at helping children to feel clever and to experience success for themselves.  As a staff, we thought about the characteristics of each learning style and ‘Hoptonized’ the secrets of success by choosing an animal that demonstrates this skill.  Each week, the whole school will focus on an animal, with teachers actively promoting the learning style and associated attitudes.  At the end of each week, class teachers will select a child from their class that has proved a shining example of the animal learner.  Cam Hopton’s ‘Secret Animals of Success’ are as follows:

  • Ant – Push Yourself.
  • Bee – Work hard.
  • Chameleon – Improve
  • Dolphin – Concentrate.
  • Lion – Try new things.
  • Owl –Understand Others.
  • Spider – Imagine.
  • Tortoise – Don’t give up!

Be an Ant Learner - Push Yourself!

Build our confidence and face our fears.

Ask for help.

Listen to others who care.

Accept feedback.

Set ourselves goals to help us improve.

Set high standards for ourselves.


Bee Leaners Work Hard!

Practice lots!

Try our best at all times.

Enjoy our learning.

Think about getting even better and achieving more.

Learn throughout our lives.

Be a Chameleon Learner - Improve!

Set challenging goals.

Take small steps and understand our learning journey.

Try our very best to get better.

Apply past knowledge and skills to solving new problems.

Think things through.

Learn from experience. 

Reflect to help improve.

Dolphin Learners Concentrate!

Stay focused on the right things.

Learn what helps us concentrate.

Make a plan and think before we act.

Check our work carefully.

Think about our thinking.

Communicate clearly.

Be a Lion Learner - Try New Things!

Try lots of new things.

Enjoy having a go.

Look for opportunities.

Ask good questions.

Set challenging problems.

Take responsible risks.

Owl Learners Understand Others!

Think about others.

Listen to and reflect upon the view of others.

Work together and co-operate.

Listen with empathy and understanding.

Think interdependently.

Be a Spider Learner - Imagine!

Use our imagination.

Think lots and have ideas.

Think about problems in lots of different ways.

Be creative and share good ideas.

Gather information with all our senses.

Respond with awe and wonderment.

See the funny side!

Tortoise Learners Don't Give Up!

Think about success.

Stick at things.

Bounce back if it goes wrong.

Learn from mistakes.

Look for the positives.

Be resilient.